Winter breezes can dry your skin. Your lips can dry and crack. It’s tempting to lick your lips when they’re dry, but that only makes matters worse. It can cause your lips to dry and peel. When the delicate layer of skin over your lips dries, it can wrinkle. There is nothing less attractive than peeling lips–especially when you apply lipstick!

Are Your Lips Dry?

Lip Exfoliation

To keep your skin looking young and smooth, you can exfoliate. Exfoliation means to slough off skin–dead skin to reveal the healthy skin beneath it. It’s important not to overlook your lips.

Our lips are constantly moving and flexing in a variety of ways when we eat and talk, and to keep this flexibility, our lips must continuously grow new, healthy cells. Even smiling puts stress on our lips.

Where does this old skin go? Unfortunately, our bodies aren’t very efficient at removing the old, dead cells, making manual lip exfoliation a necessity if you want to keep your lips kissably soft and smooth.

There are a variety of ways to exfoliate your lips. Here are a few tips:

1) Make sure your lips are clean. Remove any lipstick or makeup before you start.
2) Sugar mixed with honey is a natural exfoliant that will also moisturize. Gently rub into your lips and leave on for about 5-10 minutes. Wash away.
3) Limit exfoliation to once a week.
4) Always put a thick layer of moisturizer on your lips after exfoliating.

Before going outdoors, be sure to put on lip balm with an SPF component to protect from the sun.